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Welcome to Teamforce AI: Chris Harvey, Jennifer Jakubczyk, and Deependra Tewari | Frontline Advantage #1

Teamforce AI: Helping Businesses Engage Their Deskless Workforce

Have you ever wondered how large companies keep their massive frontline workforce engaged and happy? Teamforce might be the answer they’ve been looking for.

This enterprise software as a service (SaaS) platform is designed specifically to bridge the communication gap between decision-makers and deskless employees, also known as the frontline workforce.

The video introduces the leadership team of Teamforce: Chris Harvey, Jennifer Jakubczyk, and Deependra Tewari. They share their excitement about the company’s mission to tackle high employee turnover, a significant pain point for many organizations.

Focus on Morale and Engagement

Chris Harvey, with his background in HR technology, highlights the growing awareness among companies that high turnover is not an inevitability. Teamforce empowers businesses to improve morale and engagement among their frontline workers, ultimately leading to a more stable and productive workforce.

From Customer to Team Member

Jennifer Jakubczyk brings a unique perspective, having been a Teamforce customer before joining the team. She emphasizes the value of anonymous feedback, a feature that allows employees to openly share their concerns and suggestions.

Feeling Valued Makes a Difference

Deependra Tewari sheds light on another crucial aspect: fostering a sense of belonging. Teamforce equips frontline workers with a platform where they feel heard and valued as part of a larger team.

From Discovery to Innovation

The video delves into the company’s origin story. In 2018, the founders encountered a major challenge faced by a Fortune 100 company – high turnover of package handlers. This sparked the idea for Teamforce – a solution to help businesses retain their frontline workforce.

Looking Ahead with Enthusiasm

The video concludes with the founders expressing their optimism for the future of Teamforce. They believe this is just the beginning, and their innovative platform holds immense potential for transforming frontline employee engagement.