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Translating Employee Experience into Patient Experience: Amar Patel | Frontline Advantage #2

The Happy Staff, Happy Patient Equation: How Balboa Nephrology Prioritizes Employee Experience

In the healthcare industry, patient experience is paramount. But what many organizations fail to consider is the ripple effect of employee experience. Balboa Nephrology, a forward-thinking healthcare provider, recognizes this connection and prioritizes creating a positive work environment for its staff.

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Amar Patel, a nephrologist and director at Balboa Nephrology, discusses the importance of employee experience. He emphasizes the belief that engaged and valued employees translate into a more positive experience for patients.

Here’s how Balboa Nephrology fosters a thriving work environment:

  • Open Communication: Regular meetings and a culture of accessibility for leadership ensure employees feel heard and valued.

  • Investment in Education: Balboa Nephrology empowers its staff by providing education about kidney disease, even for those without a medical background. This knowledge fosters a deeper understanding of the patients they serve.

  • Growth Opportunities: Dr. Patel shares a compelling story of a medical assistant whose passion for learning was nurtured. This employee’s dedication was rewarded with a promotion to Assistant Vice President of Operations.

Employee development might seem like a soft benefit, but Dr. Patel argues it has a clear connection to the bottom line. Reduced turnover, higher staff morale, and ultimately, a more positive patient experience are all potential benefits of a strong employee culture.

By prioritizing employee experience, Balboa Nephrology is setting a great example for healthcare organizations everywhere.