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Comparing the Evolution of Corporate Surveys: 1999-2023: Don MacPherson | Frontline Advantage #3

From Paper to Progress: How Employee Surveys Have Evolved with Don MacPherson

Employee engagement is a critical factor in any organization’s success. But how do we measure it effectively? In this blog post, we delve into the world of employee surveys with Don MacPherson, founder of the leadership podcast 12 Geniuses, and a veteran of the employee engagement space.

A Career in Employee Surveys

MacPherson’s journey began at American Express before he founded Modern Survey, a company that pioneered the shift from paper-based surveys to online platforms. The video highlights the challenges of that era, including educating businesses on the value of online surveys and carefully selecting clients who understood their potential.

Beyond the Snapshot: Surveys as Ongoing Tools

The conversation sheds light on how employee surveys have transformed. Traditionally seen as one-off events, surveys are now recognized as valuable tools for continuous measurement and improvement. MacPherson emphasizes the crucial step of taking action based on the insights gleaned from these surveys.

Reaching Beyond Desks: Engaging the Deskless Workforce

The video also tackles the challenge of surveying deskless employees, a growing segment of the modern workforce. Innovative approaches are needed to gather their input, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of employee sentiment across the organization.

Engagement: The Key to Success

MacPherson underscores the complex nature of employee engagement, yet emphasizes its undeniable importance. Leaders who understand employee motivators and foster an environment that empowers them to excel will be well-positioned for organizational success.

The Takeaway

Don MacPherson’s insights offer valuable perspective on the evolution of employee surveys and the ongoing quest to create a more engaged workforce. By embracing continuous measurement, innovative data gathering methods, and a commitment to acting on feedback, organizations can leverage employee surveys to unlock their full potential.