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Talent Engagement Platform

Forward-thinking companies know the value of listening to their entire workforce. Does yours?

Teamforce AI’s kiosk-based solution voluntarily and anonymously collects feedback from, and positively influences the workforce, every day.

Use Cases

Scalable Engagement Solution

Employee Retention

The cost to replace each hourly worker is estimated to be $3,000+. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce your avoidable turnover?

Issue Identification

What actions should you be taking to improve your work environment? You can’t fix what you don’t know.

Learning & Development

Retention already high? Great, how about reminding your workforce about key topics, such as company history, training procedures, benefits policies and more.

Safety Awareness

Forklift accidents, chemical burns, earthquakes and lightning strikes. Be predictive rather than reactive. Does your team know what steps to take in times of emergencies?

Labor Relations

Even companies that pay above market and are known for having good cultures can face unionization. If your workforce is already unionized, rely on objective data to make more informed decisions of how to better work together. Workers want a voice, along with safe work environments, a fair grievance procedure, and more. A direct communication line is good for your workforce, and your business.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Prefer to educate without pulling people off the line, and to do so in an entirely voluntary way that gets results? Topics can include LGBTQIA+, Black History Month, and more.

Employee Recognition

High-performing employees deserve shout outs. What better way to showcase them than in front of their peers at one of your kiosks?

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Having trouble finding talent? Highlight the amazing work happening in your facilities, and the fact that you care by giving everyone a voice, a differentiator in today’s tight labor market.


Made for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Healthcare Environments


Minimum Weekly Engagement


Time in Seconds to Complete


Voluntary and Anonymous


Results for Your Organization

The Best Organizations Know the Value of Listening to Everyone

The Qlicket Megaphone™ solution has created a level of engagement with our warehouse staff that we couldn’t have found otherwise. The system was simple to implement, and an increase in employee retention has reduced considerable costs associated with hiring, training, and lost productivity.”

Andy Bach

General Manager


Where Does Your Organization Fit?

It's not just about turnover. Companies that aspire to be best in class find the most value with our solution.


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